Thinking Out Loud

Lakers Leadership Problem

The Los Angeles Lakers have a history of being a winning franchise, rivaling only a few other successful teams in the NBA. This season and last, though, they have endured criticism and changes in the coaching staff, have openly demonstrated their frustration, and lost more games than they should have. Considering the team’s range of talent this conduct and the losses seem puzzling. In fact, with all of that talent, one could argue they would need to do little to be a winning team. But clearly, that’s not what’s happening and their leader Kobe Bryant is trying mightily to exercise his leadership. Being a great player, however, doesn’t mean he knows how best to lead this team. Read More

Planning for the Big Conversation

When contemplating having an important conversation, we tend to think of all the things we would like to say, as well as the negative replies we might hear. Important conversations, however, involve two people trying to come to an understanding in a dynamic environment, with no way of knowing how the conversation will unfold. This give and take experience is a process involving many skills: Read More