Thinking Out Loud

Grit and Happiness

In most posts, I try to express something positive that has value in creating forward momentum. That’s another way of saying that I don’t like to write about what I don’t like or what drives me crazy. It comes across as venting, and I already do enough of that with family and friends. So, with that lead-in, I want to talk about two things that are currently driving me crazy.

I’ll start with grit.  Read More

How Does Your Voice Sound…to others?

Tone of voice affects all of us, perhaps more so to those of us with greater auditory sensitivity. The auditory component of our communication style is tricky because how we hear our voice is not how others hear it. For one thing, it literally sounds different: We hear the sound internally, through  tissues and bone. We also know how we feel when we express ourselves and the intention behind the words.  Read More

Pause Button

Even though modern brain science has helped us get beyond thinking of ours in mechanical terms, I sometimes refer to our brains as meaning making machines. That’s because it is so automatic when we try to understand, we give some kind of meaning to what we perceive/hear/feel.  But giving meaning without enough information risks getting it wrong and that’s when we need a pause button.  Read More

Learning To Make Good Decisions

We learn to make good decisions through practice. With young children, we start by giving them two choices, then gradually widen the possibilities and provide more choices. There is no formula to learning to make good decisions but using this child development model provides a basic guideline: start small and add choices if and when needed.

Much new information about how our brains process information has become available in recent years with many psychologists and behavioral economists studying the decision-making process. Read More